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Welcome to my site or should  I say our site…

This is a space I have created for you and I to share.  It was created with joy and love by me for you.  In it, I will reveal my thoughts, inspirations and passions. It is my intention to keep you coming back for more and more. Hopefully, I wish you do but, truthfully, I am certain you will.  Consider this place as one of unconditional sharing, intimate discovery, reflection and participation.  Consider this our happy place, if you will.

I have created the following in this minimalist, clean, functional, fully responsive site.

  • A music player Because music is magical and timeless, I will be loading a plethora of songs I have come across that I am sure you will enjoy while browsing through the site.  I will be updating my playlist constantly.  You will be able to open a discrete window for you to listen on your computer or on your mobile device anywhere. You can also listen while you watch a sexy slideshow or naughty clip.  If the music gets in the way, just hit the pause button on the player.  If there is any music you like, let me know who and share a song or two with me.  This will be our little radio station and me your sexy disc jockey.
  • A Blog that will be linked to my Twitter account so I can post my daily inspirations for you to enjoy and respond to.  Among my posting will be my spiritual thoughts, humorous posts, pictures of me or of things I have taken, places I want to recommend, music, concerts, books, poems, political thoughts or random ideas and, of course, my fantasies. Nothing programmed but defiantly worth checking out. Your participation is encouraged, welcome and appreciated.
  • Public Picture and Movie Galleries that will load easily and display spectacularly on any computer or mobile device.  I will be continuously updating content to keep it fresh.  If there is something you want to see, just say so.
  • A personal collection of art and images I have collected over the years you might find interesting.  At the very least, you may find we share similar interests.
  •  Movie CreditsCredentialsReviewsFriends and Industry Resources are shared for you to learn more about me.  I will continuously update these links for you.  Take a look at some of the movies I have starred in or take a moment to read some of my past reviews.  They are always a good place to start, get a few ideas and fantasize about how our time together will be.  BTW…I cannot wait to read the review you will write about me and relive our special moment time and time again.
  • A simple storefront to showcase some items I will be selling off from my wardrobe and personal items.  You can browse through and request I send them to you.
  • Contact me anyway that is convenient for you.  I look forward to hearing from you. Better yet, I look forward to seeing you for some mutually stimulating playtime so why not book a date.


Bottom line… Thank you for your consideration.

You were looking for something special and the Universe led you here.  Do not doubt for a moment that everything happens for a reason.  ‘Great minds think alike’ but I say, they should F*%# each other’s brains out if they do.  Moreover, they should keep doing so because it only gets better.

After all is said and done, feel at home. You have found a friend.

Love and Light,

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